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How to Do Screen Printing On Fabric

Screen Printing El Paso TexasScreen printing is among the best ways to add some custom designs and patterns to your fabric. Whether you want to make some promotional materials like t-shirts or even uniforms for employees in your business in El Paso, Texas screen printing will always come in handy. The best idea is always to go for the services of a professional, but it is also good to understand how to do screen printing on fabric.

Screen printing is easy to do, but it will take some practice to perfect your skills. Here is a rundown of the actions involved in screen printing.

#1 Gather the Necessary Materials

The first and most important step is always to gather all the items that are essential for screen printing. They include a water-based ink (non-toxic) that is suitable for printing on fabric, readymade screen, plain paper, masking tape, craft knife, squeegee and the item that requires the print. Although the current screens for industrial scale printing tend to have some extra features the basic design entails stretching mesh over canvas frame and stapling it firmly on the frame.

#2 The Set Up

Since a professional screen printing company already has all the necessary things to do the printing, the second step which entails setting up things is the most important. During this stage the customer will bring in the particular design that they want on the fabric and an expert will then transfer it to the screen. Once the design or pattern is on the screen the next step is to test it on some fabrics to ensure that it comes out just the way the customer wants. If it needs any alterations, the printing professional will do it so that the image will conform to the client’s preferences.

#3 Printing the Fabric

After the setup and once the customer ascertains that the pattern looks okay the next step is to do the actual printing. The technician will place the fabric on a flat surface and stretch it out to ensure that there are not creases that can affect the image quality. Before the printing, caution is also taken to make sure that the picture will appear on the particular point on the fabric that the customer wants. The actual task will entail putting ink at the top of the screen and using a squeegee to spread it out. After this, the technician will lift the screen carefully to prevent ink from dripping on the fabric.

#4 Curing and Cleaning the Fabric

It is important to heal the material as this is what will ensure that it is possible to wash it without affecting the image or print. Curing will involve passing the fabric through a heat tunnel for a few minutes. However, for small scale project it is also possible to do the curing with a hot iron but without putting it directly on the image because this will ruin it. The curing will only take a few minutes regardless of how you do it after which the fabric will be ready for washing which is the last step in the process.

Screen printing is an affordable way of branding material, and it is also a good way of personalizing things. Regardless of the type or quantity of fabrics that you want to print, your El Paso, Texas screen printing expert is always a phone call away.

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How Does Screen Printing Work

commercial screen printing el pasoPrinting fabric and other items is part of most businesses, and it is one of those things that you cannot avoid. Also, most people will also get the need to print things like t-shirts, tank tops, and hoods every once in a while. It is true that there are many printing options available but screen printing is what most will always turn to and this because of its affordability and the high-quality images that it produces. And so it is important to know what it is all about and how it works.

What is Screen Printing all About

There is enough evidence to show that screen printing, commercial or t-shirt, started more than two thousand years ago in China. In these ancient times, the Chinese would stretch human hair on a wood frame and use it to make a screen before attaching leaf stencils. Japanese also adopted this technology but they would use silk instead of hair, and this is why some people will also refer to this printing method as “Silk Screening.”

Screen printing just as the name suggest is all about transferring ink from a silk-screen to a substrate. It is the most well-known and popular printing method, and this is more so when it comes to bulk prints, and it can transfer images to almost any fabric type. Also, modern technologies and availability of unique types of inks make it possible to use this method to print images that incorporate more than one color.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

One of the things that make screen printing common is the fact that it is also one of the easiest. The most important element when using this type of printing is the screen. Although this technology is always evolving, and there is now some electric screen printing machines, the idea behind the technology is still the same. For the traditional or simple one, it is about stretching a thin mesh over a wooden frame tightly. In the past, the screen was always silk, but modern ones are of a polyester material.

When doing screen printing, the first step is transferring a negative of the image or design that you want to print to the screen. The contemporary screen makes this very easy because it is possible to scan it but if you are doing it the traditional way you will need some practice. The next step is to place the screen over the fabric or item that you want to print so that you can transfer the image.

Once the screen is set on the fabric correctly the other step is to roll ink over the negative image. With screen printing, only the areas with the design will allow ink to sip through and so the rest of the fabric will remain clear. However, it is important to note that this is just a summary of how this printing method works as there is way much more to it than this. And this is more so if you want some clear and detailed images. In fact, in some cases, you will have to use more than one screen so as to capture all the details or different colors.

The best idea is to go for the services of a professional printing company in El Paso, Texas because this will save you a lot of time and cash on your bulk screen printing requirements. Make that important call today and ask for a quote. You can be sure that you will get a professional to help you through the entire process.

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How to Do Screen Printing On T-shirts

Screen Printing El Paso TXScreen printing is a modern and easy way of enhancing the appearance of your t-shirts and other fabrics. This print design makes it possible to transfer some intricate images to the t-shirt and with the advanced technologies available you can have pictures and words in numerous colors and in any design or pattern that you want. Also, the designs that you get on your clothes are also durable, and if you get them from an expert, you can be confident that they will last for the lifetime of the t-shirt.

Unlike other common printing techniques, silk screening or serigraph will require some experience to get it right. But, here is how to do screen printing on t-shirts for El Paso residents.

Step 1: Transfer Image to the Screen

The first thing is to come up with the image or phrase that you want to have on the t-shirt. You can have anything from a simple word to some colorful and intricate designs, but it is important to know that sophisticated images are more expensive to print. Once you have the design on a piece of paper, the next step is to transfer it to the screen. With modern electronic screen printers it is possible to scan the image, but with the traditional technique, the exposure method is the most reliable.

Step 2: Test the Print

Even when the job is by a professional, it is not possible to know how an image will look on a t-shirt without doing the actual printing. Because of this fact, it is always important to do some tests by printing the image on sheets of paper. Sometimes it is also necessary to do the test prints on a piece of fabric with the same characteristics as the t-shirt so as to get a clear picture of how the image will look. But, in most cases, this is only so for bulk t-shirt printing projects.

Step 3: Transfer Image From Screen to T-shirt

Moving the image to the shirt is straightforward, but it depends on what you are using. For this, the essential thing is to ensure the right alignment of the t-shirt so that the image will be in the exact place where the customer wants it. Also, one has to be careful when pulling up the screen so as to make sure that ink does not drip on the fabric. But with an expert, this will never be an issue.

Step 4: Cure the Print

Curing the print is a major step that will ensure that the image will remain intact even after several washes. A heat tunnel provides the fastest way to do this, and it is what a professional company in El Paso, Texas will use when dealing with many t-shirts. But, it is also possible to cure the image with a hot iron, but this will require some skill and keenness.

Step 5: Clean-Up the T-shirt

After curing, the t-shirt will need a few minutes to dry after which it will be safe to wash. Modern screen print inks do not require any special washing techniques, and so cleaning is a simple process. However, the t-shirts still need the same care that you would give regular ones.

Personalized t-shirts are an excellent marketing tool for your business, and they are also a good way for an individual to have the image they want and not just settle for what they find in the stores. However, to ensure that the print job that you get is the best, you should always use the services of a professional. And if you are in El Paso, Texas our services are only one phone call away.

Benefits of Screen Printing for El Paso Businesses

What Can Screen Printing Be Used For?

screen printing el paso businessAlthough there are many modern printing techniques or processes, screen printing is by far on of the most versatile. And if you add in some of its other advantages such as cost-effectiveness, durability, and scalability you have the perfect print technique that will always add value to your organization. Despite the many benefits that come with this technology some individuals will still shy away from using it, but in most instances, this is because they do not know about its many uses.

So what can screen printing be used for?

#1 Printing Fabrics

The textile industry is one of the biggest consumers of screen printing services because it is very useful for printing different kinds of fabrics. This technique can print some detailed images and patterns on anything from silk to polyester and organza. Once the fabrics get their beautiful print, they can then make finished products such as dresses, skirts, and shirts. Also, some business will prefer to print finished items like t-shirts and hoods. T-shirt screen printing is one of the most common applications for this technique, and in fact, a significant percentage of the t-shirts in clothes stores go through screen printing.

#2 Advertising and Marketing

As a business, marketing and advertising are among the most important things that you should do because this is what brings in the money. When running your marketing campaign, you will need merchandise for advertising and promotions. Things like flyers, handouts, and posters are all products of screen printing. Most businesses will always turn to this technique for their marketing campaign because using electronic or digital printing can be quite expensive, and this is more so for small and medium size businesses.

#3 Collectibles and Souvenirs

Screen printing is also ideal for printing collectibles and souvenirs which are very popular in the sports industry. This technique is what puts the impressive designs, logos or patterns in popular souvenir items like t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, key holders, mouse pads and many other items. Although there are many other techniques that one can use to print collectibles and souvenirs the images that you get with silk-screening manage to capture even the minor details and are also very durable.

#4 Printing Household and Lifestyle Items

The fact that screen printing is still popular many centuries after its invention shows that people have a lot of confidence in its quality. This technique is also what people have been using for many years to for printing upholstery, cushion covers, bed sheets, linen, curtains, bed covers and most other household items.

#5 Party Supplies

Whether you have a birthday party, it is Christmas time, or you have a company party, you might still need screen printing services. This service allows you customize different things that you will need during the celebrations. You can customize things like awards for your company’s party, clappers, streamers and anything else that you might find suitable to brand.

The uses of screen printing are endless as there are many things that you can customize or brand. Whether it is some product promotion materials or others for marketing your business, some matching t-shirts for friends and family or even some free merchandise for your customers, with this technique everything is possible. However, to get maximum benefits from screen printing in El Paso, Texas it is vital to ensure that you get this service from a reputable and professional company. Call us today, and we will help you with all your screen printing needs.